If you are looking for high quality neoprene waterproof auto seat covers then you really need to look no further than Wet Okole. Each of the auto seat covers from Wet Okole are designed for those with an active life style. Every one of them are waterproof and come in a variety of styles and colors. All you have to do is select the year, make, and model of your automobile and then customize your auto seat covers today for a ride in style. Before you design your auto seat cover though, you will want to take advantage of the coupons which are listed below as well as the money saving tips. Apply these to your purchase for significant savings.

Wet Okole Coupon Tips

  1. If you are purchasing through Wet Okole then be sure to check for coupon codes. Once you make your customizations to your auto seat cover order and add the seat covers to the shopping cart you will notice a coupon code box at the top of the shopping cart. Enter the coupon here and then click redeem. You should then see the discount appear right below.
  2. You can also purchase the Wet Okole seat covers from retailers like JC Whitney and use the coupon code: JCWAFF8 to get 8% OFF all the Wet Okole seat covers.
  3. If you are a resident of Hawaii you can actually order locally and save. Be sure to take advantage of this local savings.

Keep in mind that Wet Okole does not accept any returns on their seat covers. The reason for this is because all seat covers are custom made. Make sure that you double check all of your specifications before placing your order with Wet Okole. The Wet Okole coupon policy is as follows: Discounts are applied at time of purchase only. No discounts can be used after product has been shipped or picked up from the local store.